Impala 64 Haze Auto Feminised Seeds


Auto Impala 64 Haze Feminized is an indica/sativa programmed strain which creates a loosening up body stone from medium dimensions of THC with low CBD. It has a delightfully fruity lime-citrus season. Its multi week blooming period and its solid nature empower it to be developed outside in high-scope summers, for example, those found in northern Europe.

Inside plants develop to a stature of 90 – 110 cm. while outside plants grow somewhat taller at 100 – 130 cm. Yields are great at 325 – 425 gr/m2 inside or 70 – 95 gr/plant outside. The body impact of this strain implies that it a decent one to use in the wake of a difficult day to help unwind and loosen up.

Impala 64 Haze Auto Feminised Seeds


Santa Maria Auto Feminised Seeds


Auto Santa Maria Feminized enables you to develop anyplace outside and reap your yield in only 10 – 11 weeks from germination. It is a smaller plant that begins to deliver its first buds just over about fourteen days into the developing cycle. The hereditary qualities of this vehicle plant is half indica, 35% sativa and 15% ruderalis.

Inside these plants develop to 40 – 70 cm tall yielding around 250 – 350 gr/m2. Outside they grow somewhat taller at 80 – 100 cm. with a yield of 55 – 75 gr/plant. The taste is delicate and botanical and the impact is a smooth body stone that is extremely agreeable and loosening up like your most loved seat.

Santa Maria Auto Feminised Seeds

Thunderstruck Feminised Seeds


Thunderstruck feminized is one of Sumo Seeds’ outside/nursery strains despite the fact that it very well may be developed inside also. It is 85% indica delivering abnormal amounts of THC yet with low CBD. It is a half breed cross of Thunderberry with an old Afghani strain. what’s more, it has a scrumptiously fruity, berry taste which leads into an euphoric high inclination.

Developed outside in northern scopes Thunderstruck will be prepared to reap amid September or March in the southern side of the equator. Outside plants develop to a stature of 100 – 140 cm or a shorter 60 – 100 cm whenever developed inside. Yields are great with 750 – 900 gr/plant being the typical range; inside cultivators can hope to reap between 500 – 600 gr/m2 following 7 – two months. Its elevating, feel-great impact is certain to put a grin all over.

Thunderstruck Feminised Seeds

Caramel Cookie CBD Feminised Seeds


Caramel Cookie CBD is a restorative weed strain, a cross between Sumo’s very own White Caramel Cookie and Kong’s Kush CBD. It is 85% indica, has great yield potential and creates low THC with abnormal amounts of CBD. It is a basic strain for the entire tenderfoot requiring no unique range of abilities.

This helpful cannabis strain is commonly indica in structure and it has low supplement prerequisites. It is a thick plant with expansive, dull green clears out. At the point when developed inside it achieves a stature of 100 cm. or on the other hand something like that while open air plants developing in the ground will have considerably more root space and will develop a lot greater maximizing at around 160 – 200 cm. Blossoming times inside are around 9 – 10 weeks with yields of 400 – 550 gr/m2.

Outside it is extremely reasonable for warm atmosphere locales, for example, the Mediterranean nations. Yields in this condition will be 300 – 400 gr/plant with northern side of the equator harvests occurring toward the beginning of October or March in the southern half of the globe. Wherever it is developed damp conditions ought to be kept away from as the thick buds may progress toward becoming swarmed with shape spores. Sumo Seeds expresses that utilizing LED lights will improve the already high dimensions of CBD much further.

In development this plant has an unmistakable smell of natural/nutty caramel. The dried buds think this aroma and taste making it really delicious. With Low THC the psychoactive impact is fantastically mellow and the abnormal amounts of CBD delivered loan an enduring, loosening up body stone that will give great treatment to patients looking for alleviation from a wise assortment of conditions and side effects.


Caramel Cookie CBD Feminised Seeds

White Widow Original Auto Feminised Seeds


Auto White Widow Original Feminized is a 60% indica, 30% sativa and 10% ruderalis weed strain that was reared by intersection White Widow Original with a ruderalis plant. This is a flexible auto-blossoming plant that will develop in pretty much any condition incorporating outside in inconsistent northern European summers. It is a reduced plant with a high bud to leaf proportion andI a decent tar maker with an aggregate life cycle of 10 – 11 weeks.

Inside plants develop to around 60 – 90 cm. in tallness; outside they will achieve 80 – 110 cm. Yields are better than expected for automobiles: between 300 – 450 gr/m2 inside or 70 – 100 gr/plant outside. With a solid focal cola this is a decent strain to develop in a SOG (Sea of Green) set-up.

With medium THC and CBD levels the impact starts with some happiness which develops into the normal loosening up Widow design after a brief timeframe. The flavor is very delicate, sweet and hot with some woody and pine notes.

White Widow Original Auto Feminised Seeds

Zombie Haze Auto Feminised Seeds


Zombie Haze Auto Feminized is a very psycho-dynamic auto-blossoming strain with a larger part of sativa hereditary qualities. It delivers elevated amounts of THC and low CBD. It is particularly flexible for an auto strain with such a high extent of sativa and will develop outside in high scopes where it will achieve full development after a blooming time of 7 – two months.

Inside these plants will grow 80 – 100 cm. tall and yield 280 – 380 gr/m2. Outside they get somewhat taller at 110 – 130 cm. yielding between 60 – 85 gr/plant. The kind of Auto Zombie Haze is very mind boggling and incorporates sweet, botanical, hot and pine notes. As expressed over the impact is exceptionally psycho-dynamic and it isn’t suggested as a strain for fledgling smokers.

Zombie Haze Auto Feminised Seeds

Sumo’s Big Bud Feminised Seeds


Sumo’s Big Bud feminized seeds are 85% indica with only a little sativa in the hereditary blend. It is a cross of Big Bud with an adaptation that Sumo themselves have named New Big Bud. This strain has medium dimensions of THC and low CBD. It is a cannabis strain that can be developed in all situations – inside, outside and in a nursery.

Inside Sumo’s Big Bud will blossom to development in 7 – two months remaining short and minimized at only 50 – 70 cm. tall. Indoor yields are 480 – 600 gr/m2. Outside plants can grow up to 160 cm. tall yielding between 750 – 900 gr/plant. Collect will be either in October or March contingent upon which half of the globe the cultivator is in.

The flavor is to some degree hearty and woody with zesty notes. The impact is that of a loosening up body stone.

Sumo’s Big Bud Feminised Seeds