Roots Regular Seeds


Roots is a poly-half and half weed strain that is the aftereffect of a Queen Mother x Kalijah cross. This plant has a significant smaller structure going into blossoming however its Queen Mother legacy gives a considerable amount of stretch from that point. Its character is, be that as it may, especially sativa; rationally animating and elevating.

Roots will be prepared to collect in 55 – 65 days with yields that can fluctuate between 400 – 600 gr/m2. Outside cultivators will edit somewhat more at around 700 gr/m2 amid October in the northern side of the equator. Plants are around 200 cm in tallness, plus or minus a bit, at reap. THC falls in the range 15% – 20% while CBD generation is over 5%.

Producers will see a scope of flavors including fruity, natural and even green banana! Its cannabinoid profile makes Roots prone to be useful for a scope of sicknesses.


Roots Regular Seeds


Critical Haze Regular Seeds


Critical Haze is the aftereffect of intersection the colossal yielding Critical Mass with an Afghan Haze male plant. Its hereditary qualities are half Afghani, 25% Skunk and 25% Haze. Basic Haze creates huge yields of Haze scented/enhanced buds.

This is a weed plant that can possibly pass your socks over when developed with a little ability and a decent arrangement of tolerance and consideration and it makes developing Haze inside a substantially more practical recommendation. It develops well inside but on the other hand is appropriate for some locales of the world outside. The best arrangement of just for producers in northern European-type atmospheres is to utilize a nursery which offers insurance particularly in the later phases of blossoming. Being a F1 strain implies that there will be some pheno-average variety bringing about a scope of blossoming times somewhere in the range of 8 and 12 weeks in spite of the fact that the dominant part will be prepared in 10 weeks.

Yields are great and are between 450 – 650 gr/m2 under 600 watt lights. Open air/nursery develops will be done by mid-October in northern scopes with yields being greatly high when developed effectively. Kindly note that albeit Critical Mass blossoms with bunches of supplements a considerably more prudent methodology is required with Critical Haze as it despises an abnormal state of supplements.

The blend of cerebral and physical/body impacts gives a high some unpredictability and it is suggested for remedial use for a scope of illnesses and conditions including, however not constrained to, solid strain, pre-menstrual pressure, various sclerosis and craving incitement.


Critical Haze Regular Seeds

Medicine Man Regular Seeds


Medicine Man is the strain otherwise called White Rhino. It brags abnormal states THC and additionally the restorative profitable CBD. As White Rhino Medicine Man has won various cannabis grants. It is an indica-overwhelming strain that was made by intersection a substantial yielding Afghani with a Brazil x South Indian cross breed.

Medicine Man is an individual from the White Widow family, the male dust used to prepare the Afghani mother being sourced from this popular half breed plant. It very well may be developed inside and in addition outside. Indoor cultivators will see reduced, indica-looking plants that deliver plentiful amounts of pitch and which are prepared to trim following 56 – 60 days of blossoming. Yields under 600 watt lighting are required to be in the district of 600 gr/m2. Open air producers ought to have the capacity to reap between 450 – 600 gr/plant amid the long stretch of October in the northern half of the globe. It is far from being obviously true whether October conditions are sufficiently forgiving in northern Europe most years for development to be sure of progress however further south, in Mediterranean atmospheres, this ought not be cause for concern.

The buds of this weed are canvassed in shining gum creating a white appearance such is its abundance. It has a fruity, somewhat sharp, taste and its impact is amazing in reality, a thump out strain that numbs torment and is physically exceptionally unwinding. It is prescribed remedially for the critically ill and furthermore for some different infirmities and conditions including help with discomfort, headaches and stress.


Medicine Man Regular Seeds

Critical Chronic Regular Seeds


Basic Chronic Regular is a cross of Chronic Master X Critical and is 70% indica. Open air producers ought to know that a warm atmosphere is requirement for this strain to satisfy its potential except if it’s developed inside. With medium-high THC and low CBD this is a cannabis strain that conveys a significant substantial, opiate feeling. Its flavor is reminiscent of woody/pine with citrus organic product notes.

Become inside Critical Chronic plants achieve a tallness of 80 – 120 cm. what’s more, yield well at around 450 – 550 gr/m2 following 8 – 9 weeks of blossoming. Outside 100 – 180 cm. is the standard with a yield of between 650 – 800 gr/plant. Reap time will be in either October or March as indicated by side of the equator.

Critical Chronic Regular Seeds

Deep Purple Haze Auto Feminised Seeds


Auto Deep Purple Haze Feminized is an exceptionally decent auto-blossoming maryjane strain that offers an extremely dynamic, cerebral impact of long span. It has an obvious kind of ready berries with natural foundation notes. It very well may be developed effectively outside in high scope summers. The blooming time frame is very short at around about two months.

Inside plants accomplish a tallness of 80 – 100 cm. though outside they will grow somewhat taller at 100 – 120 cm. Inside yields are between 300 – 400 gr/m2 or 70 – 90 gr/plant outside. THC generation is at medium dimension together with low CBD. The extraordinary berry enhance and the lively “head” high makes this an extremely alluring strain for dynamic individuals.

Deep Purple Haze Auto Feminised Seeds

Berries & Cheese Feminised Seeds


Sumo Seeds’ Berries and Cheese is a cross between the incredible Blueberry and Dutch Cheese. It is a 70% indica strain that is pre-arranged to developing in all conditions, in other words inside, outside and in nurseries. This plant delivers abnormal amounts of THC and medium dimensions of CBD which adds a loosening up impact to the high.

These plants will grow 60 – 70 cm. tall inside, developing in 8 – 9 weeks of blossoming with yields in the locale of 400 – 450 gr/m2. Outside plants are greater, as is not out of the ordinary, coming to between 90 – 130 cm. furthermore, being prepared to reap in October (northern half of the globe) or March (southern side of the equator) with yields averaging around 600 – 650 gr/plant.

The kind of Berries and Cheese are, as could be anticipated from its hereditary qualities, a blend of fruity berries with an articulated flavorful cheddar quality. The impact is of a loosening up body stone.


Berries & Cheese Feminised Seeds

Honey Rock Feminised Seeds


Nectar Rock Feminized is 60% indica and 40% sativa in its hereditary structure. It very well may be developed in all situations despite the fact that it prospers outside in hotter and sunnier conditions than can for the most part be given in higher scopes. Nectar Rock was reproduced by intersection a Super Widow together with the South African Swazi Poison. The impact of this strain is overwhelming and incredible.

Nectar Rock develops into a medium-sized plant achieving a tallness of between 80 – 100 cm when developed inside; outside it becomes rather taller, hope to see plants that are between 100 – 180 cm. tall. Indoor blooming will keep going for 8 – 9 weeks and when developed in an outside circumstance harvests can be foreseen in October for the northern side of the equator or March in the south. Yields are very liberal coming in at 450 – 575 gr/m2 inside or 650 – 850 gr/plant outside. THC generation is high with this strain supplemented by medium CBD fixation. The taste has some unpredictability with flavors extending from sweet and woody with a checked Skunk-iness. Its opiate impact should help with dozing issues and will truly help the individuals who are worried to loosen up toward the finish of a hard day.

Honey Rock Feminised Seeds