Roots Regular Seeds


Roots is a poly-half and half weed strain that is the aftereffect of a Queen Mother x Kalijah cross. This plant has a significant smaller structure going into blossoming however its Queen Mother legacy gives a considerable amount of stretch from that point. Its character is, be that as it may, especially sativa; rationally animating and elevating.

Roots will be prepared to collect in 55 – 65 days with yields that can fluctuate between 400 – 600 gr/m2. Outside cultivators will edit somewhat more at around 700 gr/m2 amid October in the northern side of the equator. Plants are around 200 cm in tallness, plus or minus a bit, at reap. THC falls in the range 15% – 20% while CBD generation is over 5%.


Producers will see a scope of flavors including fruity, natural and even green banana! Its cannabinoid profile makes Roots prone to be useful for a scope of sicknesses.


Roots Regular Seeds


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