Medicine Man Regular Seeds


Medicine Man is the strain otherwise called White Rhino. It brags abnormal states THC and additionally the restorative profitable CBD. As White Rhino Medicine Man has won various cannabis grants. It is an indica-overwhelming strain that was made by intersection a substantial yielding Afghani with a Brazil x South Indian cross breed.

Medicine Man is an individual from the White Widow family, the male dust used to prepare the Afghani mother being sourced from this popular half breed plant. It very well may be developed inside and in addition outside. Indoor cultivators will see reduced, indica-looking plants that deliver plentiful amounts of pitch and which are prepared to trim following 56 – 60 days of blossoming. Yields under 600 watt lighting are required to be in the district of 600 gr/m2. Open air producers ought to have the capacity to reap between 450 – 600 gr/plant amid the long stretch of October in the northern half of the globe. It is far from being obviously true whether October conditions are sufficiently forgiving in northern Europe most years for development to be sure of progress however further south, in Mediterranean atmospheres, this ought not be cause for concern.


The buds of this weed are canvassed in shining gum creating a white appearance such is its abundance. It has a fruity, somewhat sharp, taste and its impact is amazing in reality, a thump out strain that numbs torment and is physically exceptionally unwinding. It is prescribed remedially for the critically ill and furthermore for some different infirmities and conditions including help with discomfort, headaches and stress.


Medicine Man Regular Seeds


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