Honey Rock Feminised Seeds


Nectar Rock Feminized is 60% indica and 40% sativa in its hereditary structure. It very well may be developed in all situations despite the fact that it prospers outside in hotter and sunnier conditions than can for the most part be given in higher scopes. Nectar Rock was reproduced by intersection a Super Widow together with the South African Swazi Poison. The impact of this strain is overwhelming and incredible.

Nectar Rock develops into a medium-sized plant achieving a tallness of between 80 – 100 cm when developed inside; outside it becomes rather taller, hope to see plants that are between 100 – 180 cm. tall. Indoor blooming will keep going for 8 – 9 weeks and when developed in an outside circumstance harvests can be foreseen in October for the northern side of the equator or March in the south. Yields are very liberal coming in at 450 – 575 gr/m2 inside or 650 – 850 gr/plant outside. THC generation is high with this strain supplemented by medium CBD fixation. The taste has some unpredictability with flavors extending from sweet and woody with a checked Skunk-iness. Its opiate impact should help with dozing issues and will truly help the individuals who are worried to loosen up toward the finish of a hard day.

Honey Rock Feminised Seeds


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