Critical Haze Regular Seeds


Critical Haze is the aftereffect of intersection the colossal yielding Critical Mass with an Afghan Haze male plant. Its hereditary qualities are half Afghani, 25% Skunk and 25% Haze. Basic Haze creates huge yields of Haze scented/enhanced buds.

This is a weed plant that can possibly pass your socks over when developed with a little ability and a decent arrangement of tolerance and consideration and it makes developing Haze inside a substantially more practical recommendation. It develops well inside but on the other hand is appropriate for some locales of the world outside. The best arrangement of just for producers in northern European-type atmospheres is to utilize a nursery which offers insurance particularly in the later phases of blossoming. Being a F1 strain implies that there will be some pheno-average variety bringing about a scope of blossoming times somewhere in the range of 8 and 12 weeks in spite of the fact that the dominant part will be prepared in 10 weeks.


Yields are great and are between 450 – 650 gr/m2 under 600 watt lights. Open air/nursery develops will be done by mid-October in northern scopes with yields being greatly high when developed effectively. Kindly note that albeit Critical Mass blossoms with bunches of supplements a considerably more prudent methodology is required with Critical Haze as it despises an abnormal state of supplements.

The blend of cerebral and physical/body impacts gives a high some unpredictability and it is suggested for remedial use for a scope of illnesses and conditions including, however not constrained to, solid strain, pre-menstrual pressure, various sclerosis and craving incitement.


Critical Haze Regular Seeds


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